19 Nov 2015

Experience your future

Imagine stepping into this screen and walking through the front door of your new home – before it’s built! With the introduction of Chasecrown’s exclusive Virtual Display Home technology you can do just that. Adapted from sophisticated virtual gaming protocols and developed by our talented team to further enhance the unique Chasecrown building experience, our exclusive Oculus Rift 3D Virtual Reality technology gives you the opportunity to ‘live’ in your new home and adjust your plans before we even break ground on-site. It’s as easy as putting on the Oculus Rift 3D headset – and suspending your disbelief! Every way you turn your head, you’ll see your dreams turning into (virtual) reality. Your future home will reveal itself room by room. Dimensions only guessed at in your plans will become real. Empty spaces on paper will host your furniture choices. You’ll experience your future home in winter with a flickering fireplace and in summer with a shimmering swimming pool. Change walls, windows, lighting, colours, decorating styles and flooring – timber, tiles or carpets – at whim to create the environment you want. Then, leave it to us. Our exclusive Oculus Rift 3D Virtual Reality technology is just the start. The journey continues with an on-line management system that allows you to monitor the progress of your home as we build – a process underpinned by levels of quality assurance and building systems you can only expect when you architecturally design and build a home to the highest standard. At Chasecrown, we’ll provide you with the ultimate building experience that’s hassle-free and turns a complex process into an enjoyable one. The outcome of the ultimate building experience – the ultimate home. Make an appointment to experience your future now: call Chasecrown on 08 8267 4966. We look forward to showing you around your new home.