8 Nov 2016

Project – Chasecrown Joint Venture
Scope – Architecture, Interior design & Project Management
Completion – 2002

Commencement Situation

Facing the Hurtle Square parklands in Adelaide’s south eastern corner, with proximity to the vibrant Central Market, this site suited residents looking for quality city living.

Project Brief

The intention was to create a secure, prestigious apartment complex, taking particular advantage of the generous street frontage which overlooked Hurtle Square and the views over the tree lined streets of this precinct.

Design Elements

The form and scale of the building was designed to reinforce the historic language of the built form in and around Hurtle Square. The dominant layering of vertical and horizontal elements present in the façade are referenced from the requisite existing building fabric.

The 4-storey complex comprises of 27 exclusive apartments, designed to facilitate cross flow ventilation and avoid long expanses of corridor. The adoption of traditional building materials such as rendered masonry, solid Jarrah and the 100-year-old bluestone, recycled from the site’s original structure, further entrench the building to its location.