19 Nov 2015

New game plan for home buyers

The longstanding ritual of weekend display home visits for new homebuyers is set to be a thing of the past thanks to the vision of an Adelaide-based bespoke home builder and the skills of a local gamer. Using leading edge computer gaming technology, exclusive architectural and building company Chasecrown and an Adelaide designer and keen amateur gamer have developed a world leading software program which allows buyers to ‘live’ in their home before they build. “We’ve adapted 3D technology designed to make computer games more lifelike; linked it to our sophisticated design and building management systems; and developed a platform which allows our customers to spend time in their new home and adjust their plans before we even break ground on-site,” says Chasecrown director, Louis Kanellos. “Putting on the Chasecrown head-set turns our big screen TV into the front door of our clients’ new home. “Every way viewers turn their head, they see their plans turning into (virtual) reality.  The entire home reveals itself room by room in a virtual walk-through controlled entirely by the viewer’s head and hand movements; dimensions only guessed at in plans become real; and we can even install our clients’ favourite furniture and art work so they can see how it will fit within planned spaces. “Then, having experienced their planned home first hand, buyers can change walls, windows, lighting, colours, decorating styles, flooring types and even appliances to create the environment they want.” Mr Kanellos believes the technology will eventually replace bricks and mortar display homes which are costly for builders to construct, time consuming and inconvenient to visit, and inflexible and out-dated even when they open their doors for the first time. “This will change the face of the housing industry within a decade,” Mr Kanellos said. “Display homes will disappear; the design process will be increasingly interactive; and in the not too distant future we will probably see many of the furnishings and fixtures 3D printed from our specifications and delivered ready for installation.” The new technology, which has taken Chasecrown more than a year and several hundred thousand dollars to develop, has already been licensed to local property development company Starfish, which will use the system technology to allow buyers at its $105 million, 220 apartment inner-city Bohem development to “try before they buy”. Mr Kanellos said he had also been approached by potential licensees interstate and overseas. Experience the technology first-hand at Chasecrown’s Archer Street, North Adelaide office by appointment.